About us

Barbora Janáková a Lenka Kuricová Pucle, fotografia Ivana Santová

We are Lenka and Baša from Slovakia. We have known each other for a quite a while now. We met at teenage times, when board games and puzzles would be the very last thing on our minds on Friday night. Meanwhile we managed to grow up and get some valuable degrees – in art and marketing. Despite many destinations, internships, diverse mix of boyfriends and questionable rented flat choices we have built a deep friendship with
a great dose of respect for each other.

Pucle project originated at times when we both found ourselves on a crossroad of life. There in the midst of family problems, breakups, indecisions about which path to take we got the light bulb moment. Together we got an idea and Pucle was born.

We are both programmed for some sort of creative work and we have been unsatisfied with the lack of opportunities and lack of proper appreciation of creative work in our country. Puzzle was a great way how to start our own solution. Puzzle is such an awesome game and it deserves way better motifs than those that we see in the stores. Instead of tacky pictures we were used to, we have decided to give it a breath of fresh air and ask talented illustrators and artists to step in. And we took it even a step further…

After couple of ,,all over the place“ prototypes we managed to create a special wooden frame, thanks to which you don’t need to glue the puzzle at all. You can easily hang it on your wall, enjoy the view and disassemble the whole thing anytime and play again. Thanks to this we upgraded a game to a design experience. Thanks to this we upgraded a game to a design experience.

Pucle was created out of the desire to do something beautiful and mind sharpening.

It originated out of the desire to open the world of art and design in a new way through the illustrations of young Slovak authors. We give a new look to this aged game and playfully bring it into the households and interiors. Plus puzzle is very beneficial for brain training and development, it serves as active meditation and we also call it brain yoga. It works as prevention against Alzheimer´s disease and dementia.

The main element of Pucle is a graphic motif from the excellent illustrators and artists, which we print it on recycled puzzles and set in handmade solid wooden frames.

We are excited to bring a product that works on the principle of everlasting jigsaw. You can easily disassemble, assemble, hang up and down anytime without any need for glue.

Playful form not only entertains, but also opens a dialogue about culture in home environment. Pucle is more than a game, its educational and informative element is also important. It is a balanced fusion of beautiful, clever and playful.

​​So let’s play together?

Baša a Lenka