How to Pucle

How to frame your puzzle without glue

or as we say – How to Pucle (yes, we use it as a verb too)

So how can you glue your puzzle without any use of glue? You can use our special framing system that we figured out based on our frustration with puzzle glue. We love puzzle and we didn’t want to lock it in a frame forever!

Puzzle is meant to be played with and that is exactly what we want – We want to play anytime we want and also display our finished puzzle illustration anytime we want. And luckily we made it possible! Thanks to our wooden frame you can hang your puzzle without any glue! 🙂

So how does it all work?

With our special wooden frame it’s so easy! Pucle with frame comes in big recycled tube tall over 50 centimeters, so everything you need to frame your puzzle fits in there.

Pucle pack includes a wooden beech handmade frame in four parts, a recycled mat to put under the jigsaw puzzle, puzzles in a cotton bag, a protective sheet and a Guide for smart assemblers.

Check the video on the right so you can see all the contents of the Pucle tube and also the framing process!

Everything in one package

So once you have your Pucle, what to do first with all that amazing stuff?

Of course, first you have ton of fun while you assemble your puzzle on the recycled mat 🙂

Then you cover it with the protective sheet, matt side up.

Then you just lock the frame in the corners and put your finished puzzle on the mat and with the sheet on top into the frame slide, just like it’s shown in the video above.

Our Guide for smart assemblers is also a great help. Not only it will assist you every step of the way while framing your puzzle but it also has a big picture of your chosen illustration that will help you assemble your design.

And as a bonus, you can read a little something about the designer who created your piece!

Your Pucle pack includes

Illustrated puzzle in a cotton baggie – because we avoid plastic when we can

Wooden frame in four parts – handmade from solid beech wood

Recycled cardboard mat – where you will assemble your puzzle

Protective sheet – which will protect the puzzle from the dust and keep it safely in the frame

Connecting screws – to simply connect the frame parts in the corners

Guide for smart assemblers – basically your Pucle manual where every step of the way is explained

Ilustrovane puzzle od slovenskej ilustratorky Marie Corejovej  na Pucle

No glue is ever needed

Our playful designs from super talented illustrators are really looking forward to hang on your wall, or sit on your shelf.

When we decided to print amazing young artists on puzzle, we knew we need to find a system how to frame it without destroying the puzzle playfulness – and we found a way 🙂

So thanks to our frame you can assemble your puzzle, display in anywhere you like and once you want to play again – you just open the frame! You can repeat this process forever, assemble and disassemble your design as many times as you like.

Enjoy this everlasting jigsaw fun!

Choose the design that fits your room or your personality

Whether you are getting Pucle for yourself, or as a gift for someone you love, you can choose from all kinds of illustration in our store.

But what happens if you want to change things up and you fancy a different design?

No problem at all! We also offer puzzle without the frame, so in case you want to use our frame that you already have, don’t hesitate to get some frame-free puzzle and change your view.

Aandrea Dobrin Dinu Summerkid studio This is war puzzle Pucle v drevenom ráme ako bytová dekorácia

What sizes can you choose from?

Pucle puzzle with frame is available in 100, 200, 500 and 1 000 pieces.

Size of the assembled puzzle board for 100, 200 and 500 pieces puzzle is 33 x 47 cm.

The size of the board remains the same and what changes is the size of pieces.

Measurements of the individual pieces are written in description for every motif. Framed puzzle is 36 x 49 cm.

Size of the assembled puzzle board for 1000 pieces puzzle is 66 x 47 cm and framed puzzle is 69 x 50 cm.

For Pucle KIDS there is no frame available for now.

Whatever illustration you chose, Pucle is already excited to fit into your home 🙂

The frame is available for our 100, 200, 500 and 1000 pcs puzzle. You can also buy the frame with the components separately here.

Do you want more detailed information about the framing process? Check our blog “How to frame your puzzle without any glue? With our Pucle frame it couldn’t be easier!” or send us a question!