Han Illustration

Han (* 1990) started illustrating at the Viennese Art School Die Angewandte. She works digitally - with vector drawing, painting and collage. Her illustrated story About Danube was exhibited at the Next Comic Festival 2017 in Linz. Her most popular topics are cities and dreams. These showed also in a 10-week project called Stadttraum. One of the graphics from this series -  Stadttraum 3 you can assemble on Pucle.
"In each of the 10 city dreams there are stories and events from Vienna's public life that happened in one week. Events of Stadttraum 3 - the golf tournament in the city centre, the blooming apple tree in Prater and the first turtle buried on a cemetery - formed a dream where the golf balls are snowing from the sky, and as they fall on the ground, they break as if they were turtle eggs. I think Stadttraum 3 and Pucle is a great combination. The picture
will slowly appear in front of you like - just like a memory to a dream."
More about Han can be found at www.hanillu.com.


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