Kristína Kemeníková

Kristína Kemeníková (* 1986) is a self-taught artist in the world of fine arts. She has been painting ever since she was a little girl. She started with illustration in 2017 and since then she has been fully devoted to it. Kristína uses traditional methods of painting, especially watercolor. For Pucle she has created illustrations Kitty Botanist and Greenhouse. "Illustration Greenhouse depicts the life of different plants and flowers that are together in a beautiful see-through house, a place where thousands and one miraculous things happen in silence and peace. And only those who dive in a beautiful and mysterious world of nature will learn all about it." More about Kristína and her illustrations can be found at


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    Indoor plants

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    Plants are our silent friends who beautify our homes, clean the air and produce oxygen. The plants have a calming effect on us and have a positive effect on our minds. They can be our trustworthy companions. How many do you have at your place? Can you still count them, or you are a total plant addict - just like we are? We really love plants and this amazing illustration from Kristína who basically grew up in a greenhouse. Take a look and maybe you can learn what kind of a plant is that mysterious one on your windowsill.
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    Ilustrované puzzle od Kristíny Kemeníkovej

    Pucle KIDS – Kitty Botanist

    Kitty botanist will teach you everything there is to know about flowers and plants. Kitty invites you to her lovely and mysterious greenhouse, so get in and have fun! These awesome jigsaw puzzles will make any little kid happy, they’re 24 or 48 pieces and kids can keep assembling them as many times as they like. The size of assembled jigsaw puzzle area is 26.4 x 18.1 cm (approx A4) and puzzles are packed in a beautiful recycled tube. And we have an extra bonus for you to enjoy – a coloring page of the motif is in the pack too!
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    Kristína Kemeníková Skleník Pucle puzzle


    Do you ever feel like you wanna spend a day in a greenhouse full of diverse plants? Our Greenhouse is a place where thousands and one miraculous things happen in silence and peace. And only those who dive in a beautiful and mysterious world of nature will learn all about it. Come with us and Kristína to her dreamy greenhouse and put these beautiful puzzles together leaf by leaf. Do you want Pucle with a wooden frame? In the "Select frame" option, select "Puzzle with frame" and then select the number of pieces. If you would like to purchase separate puzzle without the frame, in the option "Select Frame" select "Separate Puzzle" and then the number of pieces.