Maja Säfström

Maja Säfström (1987) - M A J A S B O K is an illustrator, author and former architect, who often includes some comic twist into her drawings. Her beautiful illustrated books about animals are also translated into Slovak language and have been on many bestseller lists!

For Pucle Maja has created an amazing illustration that has her typical wit. „I often work in black and white so it was a natural choice for me. In my drawings I enjoy to replace colors with fine details and patterns and add some important message. Like in this case, I have written my life motto I am not lazy, I just don't like to do boring things. What a suitable line for someone putting a puzzle together!“
For more about her work visit her Instagram page @majasbok or


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    Witty sloth

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    You know those mornings, your calendar is full of meetings, but you would prefer to stay in bed and just chill. When this occurs, we wonder whether we became sloths overnight. Are all the TO DO lists so important? Luckily, our swedish friend illustrator Maja Säfström solved this issue for us. We put this illustrated puzzle on the wall and anytime our inner sloth strikes, we can say that we are not lazy, we just don’t like to do boring things ( and that is why we schedule all the boring and difficult tasks after assembling puzzle, coz it jumpstarts our brain power and everything goes way better).
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