Martin Dráb

Martin Dráb comes from Nová Dubnica, lives and works in Trenčín. He has graduated from City U of Seattle in Trenčín. Artwise, he is mostly self-taught and began with drawing like everyone - at school, during classes, in a workbook. He has been actively involved in the arts since 2008. For Pucle he has created the illustration Eidolon. "In art, my starting point is that I actually can´t draw. I have a very asymmetrical style, I love flying colours and I often paint crazy monsters. In street art I use stencil art (templates). I really enjoy traveling and implementing posters to places where it won´t offend the viewer." He uses various techniques such as acrylic, sprays, markers, tattoos, or computer graphics. His greatest passion is street art. Besides art, he enjoys hiking. More about his work can be found at


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