Rudolf Letko

Rudolf Letko is a calligrapher and a graphic and typeface designer. He studied glass design at ŠÚV Lednické Rovne in the studio of Ladislav Pagáč. During his studies at UKF in Nitra he worked under the direction of Ľubomír Longauer. In his work he focuses on the functionality of visual systems with emphasis on the dominance of the font as a basic building element. He is primarily involved in the GoBigname® Naming & Branding Studio as a Partner & Head of Visual, where he and his team create visual and communication identities for clients around the world. The illustration we have on Pucle is called CoffeeLab.

“Coffee Lab is the story of a cup filled with the most delicious coffee at the end of the process. The journey of this extraordinary fluid is not simple. It’s possible to find traces of scientific research in coffee, but also the fate of its farmer. Coffee is not only special data, coffee is a fundamental part of the lives of many cultures. Coffee is also the main theme of Standart magazine, for which this illustration was originally created. ”

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