Frequently asked questions

1. The frame is in the package?
Yes, our Pucle frame is assemblable and comes in four parts, that´s why it´s possible to fit it into the
tube. The frames are hand-made and lovingly carved by our carpenter out of beech wood. The
frames are natural light brown color. Part of the pack are also the screws and a tiny screw-driver
to tighten the frame. You don´t need anything else to put the frame together, only things included in
the package. You will also find a manual Guide for smart assemblers to make sure, you are
assembling correctly. You don´t need to glue the frame at all and you can disassemble it anytime
and maybe change the illustration.

2. Can I buy a frame of a different color?
Not yet, for now we have only natural color of beech wood.

3. Do I need to glue the puzzle before framing?
NO, YOU DON´T! We figured out the system, so you never have to glue the puzzle. No need to glue
anything, nor the puzzle, nor the frame. In the package you´ll find our Guide for smart assemblers
that will guide you through the simple framing process. Everything necessary to frame your puzzle
is already in the package. And great advantage is that you can disassemble both puzzle and the
frame anytime, just like everlasting jigsaw!

4. What is in the tube package?
In the Pucle pack you´ll find cardboard mat to assemble your puzzle on, four parts of wooden
frame, protective sheet to put on top of assembled puzzle, corner screws with a tiny screwdriver,
guide for smart assemblers with manual and cute cotton baggie full of awesome puzzle made out of
recycled cardboard.

5. What is that Guide for smart assemblers?
In the Guide you´ll find instruction how to assemble the frame, picture of the selected motif and
a short info about the artist and the illustration. In case there is a story to your illustration you can
read about it in the Guide.

6. Is Pucle eco-friendly?
Yes, we are trying our best to keep Pucle as environment friendly as possible. The puzzle, mat and
tube are all made out of recycled cardboard. Inside of the package you won´t find any unnecessary
plastic and puzzles are stored in a lovely handmade cotton bag. We are trying not to waste any
material during the production. The bubble wrap we use to protect Pucle during shipping we are
getting from people and companies that would otherwise throw it to the trash.

7. What can I do with the cotton bag?
You can use it to store herbs, dried mushrooms, screws or nails. You can use it for anything, the
material is pure cotton.

8. What sizes of puzzle do you offer?
Now we are offering puzzle of 24, 48, 100, 200, 500 and 1 000 pieces. Measurements of separate
puzzle pieces are also always written down by the motif.
24 pieces – about 5 x 7 cm
48 pieces – about 3,5 x 4,5 cm
100 pieces –  about 5 x 7 cm
200 pieces – about 3,5 x 4,5 cm
500 pieces – about 2 x 2 cm
1 000 pieces – about 2 x 2 cm

9. What kind of puzzle is appropriate for 3, 4 or 5 year old kid?
Puzzle of 100 pieces are suitable for smart kids in kinder garden around 4 years old and older.
Puzzle of 200 pieces are suitable for kids around 7 years old and older. Puzzle of 500 pieces are
suitable for kids and adults older than 10 years. For your little ones we have puzzle of 24 and 48
pieces suitable for kids around 3 years old, where you´ll also find a lovely coloring page to enjoy!

10. How is your puzzle different from those classic ones in stores?
The first big difference is the motif. Our motifs are created with love by talented and skilled
illustrators, about which you can read in the Guide for smart assemblers that you´ll find in the
package. Another huge difference is the frame. Handmade wooden solid frame is included in the
Pucle package. Thanks to this frame you don´t need to glue the puzzle at all, ever! The frame is
assemblable and comes in four parts. You can assemble and disassemble frame and puzzle anytime
and play again. Pucle is fun and games, but it´s also a piece of design for your interior. We are
picking the motifs carefully, so there is something for offices, kids´ rooms, kitchens and living rooms
too. Thanks to Pucle you will learn something new about art and culture. What a great combo of

11. Why is Pucle the best gift?
Pucle is playful, smart and beautiful! It´s a playful piece of art that can decorate any home. It brings
joy and relax. Very suitable for any occasion, whether it´s birthday, Christmas, housewarming event
or even a wedding! Pucle is a beautiful, original gift of great quality and made with love.

12. Does assembling have any health benefits?
Yes, it does! Assembling brings many benefits for your brain. When assembling we use both
hemispheres, left one analyzes the pieces and the right one intuitively creates the picture.
Assembling puzzle supports the creation of dopamine, improves memory and ability to learn,
improves focus, creative and logical thinking. These positive effects are important for both kids and
adults. We often hear about the importance of a play and active mediation in adults´ lives.
Assembling puzzle also serves as prevention against Alzheimer´s disease and dementia. Pucle
creates a space for a active brain relax with many benefits.

13. Can I become a Pucle illustrator?
If you would like to collaborate with us, send us your portfolio to and don´t be
shy to write us all the reasons why you would enjoy working with us.

14. Can I buy a voucher for Pucle?
Yes, you can buy a voucher here. Vouchers are a great solution for a gift if you are not sure which
design to choose! Let the lucky ones pick for themselves what´s the best fit for their interior 🙂

15. Is it even possible to assemble one-colored parts of puzzle?
Don´t worry, of course it´s possible 🙂 Just focus more on the shape of the puzzle and navigate
accordingly. It´s a great exercise for brain, attention and logical thinking. And assembling
a challenging picture will bring even more satisfaction in the end!