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    Indoor plants

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    Plants are our silent friends who beautify our homes, clean the air and produce oxygen. The plants have a calming effect on us and have a positive effect on our minds. They can be our trustworthy companions. How many do you have at your place? Can you still count them, or you are a total plant addict - just like we are? We really love plants and this amazing illustration from Kristína who basically grew up in a greenhouse. Take a look and maybe you can learn what kind of a plant is that mysterious one on your windowsill.
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    The Moment of Truth

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    Mária is an incredible artist. She does a lot of ink drawing and she is great at it. Mária is incredibly skillful in setting up a mysterious atmosphere in a drawing full of symbols that we enjoy to decode as well as get lost in. Her drawings can appear as a chapter torn out of a book or a poem.These drawings may throw you in a middle of a story, suggest its urgency, but the end or the beginning is nowhere in sight. Do you want Pucle with a wooden frame? In the "Select frame" option, select "Puzzle with frame" and then select the number of pieces. If you would like to purchase separate puzzle without the frame, in the option "Select Frame" select "Separate Puzzle" and then the number of pieces.
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