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  • No rain, no rainbow

    We are so happy to present a new collaboration with Dominika Žáková. This piece was originally created for Pucle as a painting on cardboard. It's Dominika's signature style, full of typical colorful gradients and vibrant energy. Dominka says: „It's a manifest of optimism and love for color, created during the strange times of corona crisis. There is no ease without hardship, no rainbow without rain and that's the mood this motif for Pucle was created with – as an expression of my attitude to life.”
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  • Dream Map

    Have you ever seen a mysterious shapes and colours when you closed your eyes? Maybe it resembled something like a map of a dreamy world? Keep on dreaming and discovering your imagination with our amazing illustration Dream map by Dominika Žáková.  Dream Map can be Rorschach test, view from a starship, submarine, imaginary world map, or look into a microscope. Or everything at the same time. How about you, what do you see?
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  • Dragon kites

    The heat has ended and dry landscape is about to gain strength for the next season. Finally, a refreshing breeze rises from the sea, bringing more opportunities for fun on the coast. Dragon kites! How many of us used to enjoy, or still enjoy this flying fun every year. Let go a little, catch the right wind and float this creature in the air, all the way to the sky.  Have a taste of freedom with this colorful puzzle from Danka Olejníková, perfectly ready to take you on a adventure to the world of fantasy, colours and assembling.  
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  • Sold out

    Indoor plants

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    Plants are our silent friends who beautify our homes, clean the air and produce oxygen. The plants have a calming effect on us and have a positive effect on our minds. They can be our trustworthy companions. How many do you have at your place? Can you still count them, or you are a total plant addict - just like we are? We really love plants and this amazing illustration from Kristína who basically grew up in a greenhouse. Take a look and maybe you can learn what kind of a plant is that mysterious one on your windowsill.
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  • HAN illustration slovenské ilustrované puzzle

    Stadttraum 3

    Stadttraum means dream town. Han has created several of these dream towns in her graphics. Han says that this graphic and Pucle go great together because as you keep assembling, the picture will slowly appear in front of you, just like a memory of a dream. This Pucle is amazing and huge, and it´s a puzzle challange with 1000 pieces!
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