Pucle KIDS: Mr. Badger Detective

Pucle KIDS: Mr. Badger Detective

Pucle KIDS: Mr. Badger Detective


You are curious like a badger! Is that right? Or this comparison is more suitable for a different animal? We have chosen the badger, because this one is a detective, therefore naturally curious. He has an adventurous life. At night when he comes back from school – because obviously, badgers go to school at night – he loves to wander around the forest, discover hidden secrets, forgotten artefacts and he makes up incredible stories! Do you like our badger? Make up a story about him and send it to us! 🙂

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Beautiful puzzle with illustration by Andrej Macho from Mellow. We are introducing our favourite and very playful collaboration Pucle + Mellow! Besides beautiful illustrated puzzle, in the package you’ll find the cutest fluffy keychain and handsewn baggie with a picture of the motif. This puzzle will make everybody smile, no matter the age!

This puzzle is available as Pucle KIDS in 24 or 48 pieces.

This lovely Pucle KIDS is available in two options – 24 or 48 pieces. The size of assembled puzzle is 26,4 × 18,1 (about the size of A4) and everything including puzzle, cute fluffy keychain and a baggie is packed in our lovely signature tube.


In the Pucle KIDS tube, you’ll find a beautiful puzzle from recycled cardboard, a guide for smart assemblers and and an extra coloring page of the chosen motif!



Mellow is a Slovak brand creating products that surround us every day and we use them even without paying special attention to them. However, Mellow creates these products in a joyful and lovely design. Mellow looks at ordinary things in a different way and give them a fairy-tale, dreamy dimension and they take us back to our childhood through stories and characters. All products have easy to recognize, colorful and playful illustrations by Adrián Macho. MELLOW loves the world of animals and it has become the theme of the Pucle illustration collection. You can assemble Bear Sweetooth, Fox Musician or Badger Detective. You can share your adventures with assembling on instagram or facebook @mellow.sk. Everything from MELLOW fairytale world can be found at www.mellow.sk

When choosing Pucle with frame you will get puzzle in a cotton bag, recycled mat to go under your puzzle, four parts of assemblable frame, protective sheet and Guide for smart assemblers all packed in a beautiful tube packaging. When you assemble the puzzle, you put the protective sheet on top and lock it in the frame according to the instruction in the Guide for smart assemblers. The whole process is very easy and you can see it here on the video.
When choosing Pucle without frame you will get puzzle in a cotton bag and the Guide for smart assemblers all packed in a cute box or tube. In case you decide to frame your Pucle later, you can buy the frame here.
When ordering Pucle KIDS in a mini-tube you will find lovely puzzle from recycled cardboard and a coloring page of the chosen motif.