Dragon kites

Dragon kites

Dragon kites

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The heat has ended and dry landscape is about to gain strength for the next season. Finally, a refreshing breeze rises from the sea, bringing more opportunities for fun on the coast. Dragon kites! How many of us used to enjoy, or still enjoy this flying fun every year. Let go a little, catch the right wind and float this creature in the air, all the way to the sky. 

Have a taste of freedom with this colorful puzzle from Danka Olejníková, perfectly ready to take you on a adventure to the world of fantasy, colours and assembling.  

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Beautiful puzzle with illustration by Daniela Olejníková.

The puzzles are available in 1000 pieces.

In the option Puzzle with wooden frame the package includes a solid wooden beech frame with components. You don’t need to glue the puzzle after assembling. Thanks to our special frame you just lock it in and you can disassemble the frame and the puzzle anytime. And assemble again, just like an everlasting jigsaw! Wanna see how it works? Check our video!

In the option Only puzzle the package includes puzzles in a cotton bag. If interested, you can order the frame separately at any time later in our shop.

Number of pieces – 1000
Assembled puzzle size area- 47 x 66 cm
Assembled puzzle size in frame – 49 x 69 cm
Size of one piece of 1000 pcs – approx. 2 x 2 cm

Puzzle with wooden frame:

  • High quality wodden beech frame in four parts
  • Hand-sewn cotton bag with puzzles
  • Recycled cardboard under-mat
  • Protective PVC sheet
  • Components to assemble the frame
  • Guide for smart assemblers

Separate puzzle:

  • Hand-sewn cotton bag with puzzles
  • Guide for smart assemblers

Tube packaging for both options is made out of recycled carboard.

All the components are from Slovakia or Czech republic and the final product is made in Slovakia.


Danka Olejníková

Daniela Olejníková (* 1986) is an illustrator and graphic designer, working with traditional techniques of linocut and screen printing combined with the technological possibilities of digital software. She is a multiple winner of the Best Book of Slovakia Award. She won the Golden Apple 2017 in Biennale of Illustrations in Bratislava. More about Daniela can be found at www.daniole.com

When choosing Pucle with frame you will get puzzle in a cotton bag, recycled mat to go under your puzzle, four parts of assemblable frame, protective sheet and Guide for smart assemblers all packed in a beautiful tube packaging. When you assemble the puzzle, you put the protective sheet on top and lock it in the frame according to the instruction in the Guide for smart assemblers. The whole process is very easy and you can see it here on the video.
When choosing Pucle without frame you will get puzzle in a cotton bag and the Guide for smart assemblers all packed in a cute box or tube. In case you decide to frame your Pucle later, you can buy the frame here.
When ordering Pucle KIDS in a mini-tube you will find lovely puzzle from recycled cardboard and a coloring page of the chosen motif.