Shipping and returns

Pucle ships to all countries of Europian Union and also to USA and Canada

Do you wonder how much is the shipping to your country?

These are the baseline prices of shipping for individual countries. The price might vary a little based on the weight of your parcel.

The main delivery service used is DPD, DHL or local post offices.

Czech Republic – from 6 EUR

Poland – from 6 EUR

Germany – from 7 EUR

Hungary – from 5,50 EUR

Austria – from 6,50 EUR

Italy – from 13 EUR

France – from 10 EUR

England – from 8 EUR

Romania – from 6,90 EUR

Slovenia – from 7,50 EUR

Croatia – from 7,99 EUR

Belgium – from 9,99 EUR

Netherlands – from 10,20 EUR

Denmark – from 9,99 EUR

Bulgaria – from 8,50 EUR

Spain – from 14 EUR

Portugal – from 12,99 EUR

Finland – from 15 EUR

Estonia – from 9 EUR

Sweden – from 17,90 EUR

Greece – from 17,90 EUR

Luxemburg – from 11 EUR

Ireland – from 12,50 EUR

Lithuania – from 8,20 EUR

Latvia – from 9,30 EUR

USA – from 28 EUR

Canada – from 28 EUR


Delivery and returns FAQ:

1. What to do in case I want to return my order?

Please contact us via email at so we can tackle your problem individually. We are following the return policy guidelines of EU. Please check these FAQ to see whether the solution to your problem is presented.

2. What if my product is incomplete or faulty?

Please, contact us via email . Write us what is wrong with the product and please attach pictures if necessary. We will do our best to fix the problem or send you the missing piece as soon as possible.

3. What if the delivery service obviously damaged my parcel?

In case the parcel is obviously damaged, you don’t have to accept the item and as soon as we receive the information, we deal with the delivery service and send you a new one. In case you have already accepted, please contact us immediately at and send the pictures of the damage so we can claim it with the delivery service as soon as possible.

4. What if I have lost an interest in the product meanwhile it arrived and now I want a refund?

Please, contact us via email . In case you want to return and send back an undamaged product, we will send you a full refund that you have paid on our website. In the case that the original order was processed correctly on our side, the customer covers the shipping cost of the product back.

5. How long does it take to deliver international orders?

International shipping usually takes about 5 – 10 working days.

6. What is your approach to packaging?

We are trying our best NOT to send more plastic into the circulation, but we still need to pack responsibly and according to the rules of delivery services. We are collecting second-hand bubble wrap from companies and individuals. This bubble wrap would end up in the (hopefully at least recycling) bin and we are giving it a second function. Since our very first order in 2017 we haven’t purchased any bubble wrap on our own and every order had been dispatched in recycled wrapping.

7. I am ordering as a gift, can you NOT attach the invoice and send a little note to my friend?

Absolutely, please just send us a note while making your order in the space for notes – and we can attach a hand-written note to your giftee. We don’t print out the invoices unless you ask us to attach it – we are trying to be mindful of the environment and you can always find your invoice back in the e-mail that you receive after ordering.

8. Can I track my international order?  

Our system doesn’t offer tracking automatically but we will be happy to send you your tracking number individually, in case you would like us to send it to you, please contact us at .

Do you have more questions? Please send us an e-mail at or check our FAQsite!