The Moment of Truth

The Moment of Truth

The Moment of Truth

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Mária is an incredible artist. She does a lot of ink drawing and she is great at it. Mária is incredibly skillful in setting up a mysterious atmosphere in a drawing full of symbols that we enjoy to decode as well as get lost in. Her drawings can appear as a chapter torn out of a book or a poem.These drawings may throw you in a middle of a story, suggest its urgency, but the end or the beginning is nowhere in sight.

Do you want Pucle with a wooden frame? In the “Select frame” option, select “Puzzle with frame” and then select the number of pieces. If you would like to purchase separate puzzle without the frame, in the option “Select Frame” select “Separate Puzzle” and then the number of pieces.

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Beautiful puzzle with illustration by Mária Čorejová.

The puzzles are available in 500 pieces version and the package includes a solid wooden beech frame with components. You don’t need to glue the puzzle after assembling. Thanks to our special frame, you just lock it in and you can disassemble the frame and the puzzle anytime. And assemble again, just like an everlasting jigsaw!
Meanwhile, enjoy the heck out of it in your interior and hang it on your wall!

You can also order puzzle as a separate puzzle without the frame in 500 pieces version. If interested, you can order the frame separately at any time later in our shop.

Number of pieces – 500
Assembled puzzle size area- 47 x 33 cm
Assembled puzzle size in frame – 49 x 36 cm


Mária Čorejová

Mária Čorejová (* 1975) is a visual artist and graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, studio of prof. Fisher. She has had a myriad of exhibitions, fellowships and residential stays. In addition to free artistic activity, she dedicates her time to graphic design and book illustrations. The most important area of ​​her artistic expression is drawing, namely ink drawing. Her drawings are conceptual, full of ironic content and they provoke thinking about the social themes that surround us. Thanks to objects full of symbols, her drawings can appear as a chapter torn out of a book or a poem.These drawings may throw you in a middle of a story, suggest its urgency, but the end or the beginning is nowhere in sight. You can find more about Mária´s work at

Ako vlastne Pucle fungujú?
Pri variante Pucle s rámom v tubusovom balení nájdete recyklovanú podložku pod puzzle, štyri časti rozkladateľného rámu, ochrannú fóliu na puzzle a návod pre bystrých skladačov.

Keď si poskladáte Pucle na recyklovanej podložke, prikryjete ich ochrannou neviditeľnou fóliou a zamknete do rámiku podľa priloženej príručky.
Celý proces je veľmi jednoduchý a môžete si ho pozrieť na videu v časti Ako na Pucle.

Pri variante Pucle bez rámu v krabičkovom alebo tubusíkovom balení nájdete bavlnené vrecúško krásnych puzzle z recyklovanej lepenky a príručku bystrých skladačov. Ak by ste sa rozhodli, že sa na vaše Pucle neviete vynadívať a chcete si ich zavesiť, rámik si môžete kedykoľvek doobjednať v sekcii Rám na Pucle.

Pri variante Pucle KIDS v minitubuse nájdete krásne puzzle z recyklovanej lepenky, príručku bystrých skladačov a extra omaľovánku vybratého motívu!