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Is Pucle environment-friendly?

The subject of ecology and sustainability is currently very popular and we are glad that people pay attention. Unfortunately, our plastic usage and production grew ridiculously in past couple of decades. So much so, that the production of eco-friendly products had to become a trend for us to be more aware what is happening in the world.

We believe that you are worried as well. We certainly are and we really care about doing our business with as little waste as possible. From the very beginning of Pucle we have set goals to be as green as we can be. Of course we feel a huge responsibility to our planet and also hope to inspire others. It’s important that companies and young entrepreneurs start thinking about how to do business in a greener way. Environment-friendly thinking doesn’t just belong to households but also to offices, start-ups and large companies.

So how did we start?

One of the basic ideas was to find materials that come from recycled sources or can be reused. Our product consists of recycled puzzles, solid wooden frame, recycled mat, PVC sheet, hand-sewn cotton baggie, small guide and all this is packed in recycled tube. Our Pucle is not a product that you would use just once. Puzzles don’t need to be glued so you can assemble and disassemble anytime. You won’t find any unnecessary plastic in the package, and we’re trying to make sure that the things you have left after you put Pucle on your wall can be reused. That is why we decided to change the plastic bags that you can usually find in any puzzle box for lovely hand-sewn cotton baggies.

From the beginning, we were certain that we want to do our business with respect to the environment. That is why we were looking for suppliers who work with recycled or sustainable materials. We also collect the tubes back in case you don’t find any use for it around your house. We can use them again and save all kinds of resources. So far, we are very tiny company and the system of returned tubes is not as polished as we would like, but we believe that as we grow, we will also be able to grow our environment-friendly impact.

The way goods are packaged for transport can also help

We wanted to figure out how to minimize the waste when we are sending you your orders by post. The package guidelines require us to pack the stuff properly, ideally into the bubble wrap, so the products are protected. This approach is necessary although greatly wasteful to the environment, because the companies like us have to buy very expensive plastic bubble wrap to be used just once and then thrown into the bin. We knew that there is so much plastic waste going around that we had a good idea to just reuse it, find second hand bubble wrap from people and companies that don’t need it anymore. Like this we can protect the products during the transport and not send new plastic into the circulation.

We really care about the green approach and we are trying to do our very best, not only in this aspect but in general. And we are so glad that thanks to every person who supports us we can continue to do our business with great joy and constantly improve.

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