It‘s never too late to start playing again

Discover game and design thanks to illustrated puzzle with graphics from amazing designers. You don't need to glue the puzzle at all and you can hang it beautifully on your wall – thanks to the handmade wooden frame, that is part of the Pucle pack!

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Pucle – puzzle for everyone

Hang your puzzle without any glue!

Our designers will look amazing in your interior. You can hang your graphic in handmade wooden frame – no glue needed, nor for puzzle, nor for frame. You can disassemble the frame anytime – and since nothing is glued you can play again and again. Enjoy this everlasting jigsaw forever.


How does it work

Decorate your life with Pucle

Hang your assembled illustration in your home or lean it against the wall in your office. Then just enjoy the view! And if you ever feel like puzzlin´ again, you can very easily disassemble the frame and have fun with puzzle again.


Pucle Inspiration

Pucle Blog

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Enjoy this perfect puzzle and hang it on the wall without any glue!