DomovHow to frame your puzzle without any glue? With our Pucle frame it couldn’t be easier!
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How to frame your puzzle without any glue? With our Pucle frame it couldn’t be easier!

In late 2017 we have started to produce beautiful illustrated puzzles with motifs by incredible (not only) Slovak artists. You can get your puzzle separately or also with the wooden frame. It has been over two years of joyful work and couldn’t be more grateful for it 🙂

When we meet you guys on design fairs, the most common question is – How come the puzzle holds in the frame without any glue? And that is usually the moment when we have the chance to show you all the contents of the Pucle tube and all of our know-how secrets 🙂

But we want all of you to know about it so we will explain everything here as well. You are about to find out how is it possible, that our puzzle is not necessary to glue before framing. And also how does puzzle, frame and all you need fit into one package!

So let´s start from the beginning. Why did we make our own Puzzle frame in a first place? When we had the idea about printing beautiful and stylish puzzle we knew that we have to figure out a way how we could hang it in our houses. We didn’t want puzzle to go back to the box right after assembling, the motifs from talented illustrators would look amazing on the wall, so we needed a plan.

We designed our own system how to close the puzzle into a wooden frame without any use of glue. The wooden frame is hand made by our carpenter and it took a few trials and errors to get it perfect when we were working on a prototype. We chose solid beech wood as our material of choice. The wood has amazing qualities, lovely natural color and proper solidity for countless uses.

So how to make an interior design piece out of puzzles?

In our Pucle tube you’ll find a recycled cardboard mat on top of which you assemble your puzzle. When you take it out of the tube it might be a bit wavy, but it will straighten quickly once you put a book, or something heavy on it for a couple of minutes.


After your puzzle is finished the next step is the protective sheet that comes on top the puzzle – with the matt side facing up.
The package includes four parts of wooden solid frame. You lock it in the corners and slide puzzle in without any use of glue!
Back side of the frame. As a little bonus we prepared holes for the nails, in case you want to hang it on the wall. Don’t forget to place frame part with the hole on top so the picture won’t end up upside down 🙂



Connect the frame parts in the corners with connecting screws. We usually male two L shaped parts and slide the mat, puzzle and protective sheet inside together.
Connect the remaining corners and voilá! Puzzle holds in the frame without any use of glue. You can open the frame anytime by loosening the connecting screws, take the puzzle out and play again! Or you can also change it for a different design 🙂
And it’s done! Now just enjoy the view. And of course anytime you get playful, just open the frame and take the puzzle out for a spin again!

You can check all of the contents of our Pucle tube and the framing process in this video as well.

Our frame is available for our 100, 200, 500 and 1000 pcs puzzle. You can also buy the frame with the components separately here.

So what do you think, do you like our Pucle? We sure hope so! 🙂 Now, go ahead and choose a motif you love the most in our store!

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“Krásne a originálne ilustrácie, kvalitné prevedenie, balenie ktoré netreba schovávať a na poličke vynikne. 😊 ”

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