DomovNo time for fun? We have a great trick how to plan!
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No time for fun? We have a great trick how to plan!

Work, shopping, dog, kids, TV and chores. Just duties all day long and no time for fun stuff?

Almost all of us complain sometimes about the lack of time. The time is short mostly for important things like exercise, family time or sorting through that full drawer you can’t even open anymore. Maybe there is no time to invite your family over for dinner, or read the whole book in one session. One very wise time management advice would be to go through our typical day and write down how much time we spent on each activity. We get often surprised how little of our time is spent truly productively. Internet, TV or standing in a supermarket queue during the rush hour are the most common time wasters. We know that watching TV (of course in case you are not watching a mind enhancing documentary) is not very beneficial for our brain and its vitality.

The truth is that it often isn’t about whether we do or don’t have the time, but rather where do we decide to invest it. If we decide to invest it in a beneficial activity, it pays off and in a long run we will get more time – time spent in a meaningful way. So often we hear people say that they don’t have time to exercise nor play or have fun. Supposedly, only kids have time to play. Well, we think that couldn’t be further from the truth! Play is so beneficial for adults, it kick starts our creativity and keeps our brain sharp. It’s enough to turn the TV off in the evening and pour ourselves a glass of wine. Whether you play Monopoly, Pucle or have fun with some coloring pages while sipping your Merlot, we guarantee that your neurons will thank you.

Assembling, games and riddles are making us internally younger. Thanks to the fact that we use both hemispheres while assembling, the dopamine is created and that is like a youth potion for the brain and has many benefits for our overall existence. Thanks to dopamine, our memory is better – so we save time because we don’t need to come back for our keys and we save more than one visit back to the supermarket, coz we forgot to buy lemons. Dopamine also helps to intensify our joy and the feeling of satisfaction. So the time spent in a meaningful way we will experience more intensively and therefore enjoy it more. Assembling and riddles also serve as a great prevention against Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other brain diseases that affect elderly. So it’s obvious that thanks to the time invested in games, we get more time in life with a vital brain. If we actually suffer by the lack of dopamine it can end up in depression, insomnia and grumpy moods. In case our dopamine levels are just right we get more time being relaxed – and I bet everybody agrees that in relaxed state we are more productive than in a grumpy one. Read more details about how dopamine affects our brain in this article Why to assemble or how to get smart in playful

What if your problem is not time, but money? With all the bills and loans there is nothing left
for fun?

Here applies the same advice as with the time management. If we wrote down every expense we would find out that a lot of money is being wasted. With better expense planning we could save up for the meaningful things that actually spark joy. It’s not about how much money we have, but rather where we decide to invest it.

Family activities, healthier food and investment into bettering ourselves always pay off in a long run. Of course, sometimes it´s hard to distinguish what is a meaningful spending and what isn’t. In the beginning, most of the purchases make us happy right? Maybe the key to this dilemma is a question – will this make me happy in a month or in a year? Do I have more than one reason to invest in this?

Let us present Pucle as one meaningful example 🙂 Pucle is multifunctional thing. You are not buying just a game. You are buying relax and active meditation. You are buying chilled evenings with a glass of wine. You are buying brain beneficial dopamine that will make you internally younger. You are buying new knowledge about art and design. You are buying a little something that will make your house cozier. You
are buying and option to have fun anytime again, since nothing is glued. So much goodness in one tube!

Of course, not always we can have the control over our time and finances and often we need to adjust according to circumstances. But with a little bit of effort we can always take at least a bit of control back and put our energy into things that matter and that make us better and healthier people.

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