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Hedviga Gutierrez

Hedviga Gutierrez is a student of the book illustration studio at the University of Applied Sciences in Bratislava. She is mainly devoted to book and editorial illustration for children. She bases her work on digital illustration. She likes to experiment, works with digital collage, but also with vector graphics. She loves animals and nice books. For Pucle Hedka, she created a beautiful and cheerful Llama Tea. If you like Pucle by Hedviga, be sure to check out her other works on Behance or at

“Our Tea usually roams the deserts of Mexico and never disdains fun. She loves prickly pears and tacos, you won’t tempt her with candy! She is a very playful llama, she likes colorful confetti, beans and puzzles. But she has clumsy hooves, and when folding she needs your help!”

Pucle by the ilustrator


We enjoy seeing the world from different angles of the puzzle. If you feel the same way, create an illustration for us.

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