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Rudolf Letko

Bratislava, Slovakia

Rudolf Letko is a calligrapher, graphic and font designer. He studied glass design at ŠÚV Lednické Rovne in the studio of Ladislav Pagáč. While studying at UKF in Nitra, he worked under the guidance of Ľubomír Longauer. In his work, he focuses on the functionality of visual systems with an emphasis on the dominance of writing as a basic building element. He primarily works in the Naming and Branding studio GoBigname® as Partner & Head of visual, where he and his team create visual and communication identities for clients from all over the world. The motif we have at Pucle is called Coffee Laboratory.

“The coffee laboratory is the essence and story of the cup, which at the end of the process is filled with the most delicious coffee. The path of this exceptional liquid is not easy, sometimes accompanied by a difficult and painful line, from the grain to the unmistakable taste on the tongue. Traces of scientific research can be found in coffee, but also the fate of its farmer. Coffee is not only data contained in special measurements, coffee is an unmistakable part of the life of many cultures. Coffee is also the main theme of Standart magazine, for which this illustration was originally created.”

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Pucle by the ilustrator


We enjoy seeing the world from different angles of the puzzle. If you feel the same way, create an illustration for us.

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