DomovAutoriZuzana Bartová

Zuzana Bartová

Topolčany, Slovensko

Zuzana Bartová (*1995) is a young illustrator and graphic designer who works under the Wildflower brand. She likes playfulness, originality and simplicity. He currently lives and works in Topoľčany. She illustrated for various publications such as Pyré magazine, Standart magazine, Czech magazine Forbes, Weekly TREND and children’s magazine Bublina. From Zuzana, you can put together a “Spring garden” theme at Pucle, which beautifully complements any children’s room.

“I wanted to draw something springy and playful. The garden, where I could draw various spring fruits and animals, clearly goes to spring time. It can also be a bit educational for the little ones. After unpacking the Pucle, they can name all the fruits and animals in the illustrations. Two color versions were created in pink and purple. ”

Number of illustrations1 illustration on Pucle
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Pucle by the ilustrator


We enjoy seeing the world from different angles of the puzzle. If you feel the same way, create an illustration for us.

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