DomovIllustrators, we are looking for you! PUCLE OPEN CALL 2024

Illustrators, we are looking for you! PUCLE OPEN CALL 2024

We want to see your work on Pucle! No you’re not dreaming, it’s true 🙂 This year it can be a reality. We are announcing OPEN CALL 2024.

Whether you create digitally, draw, watercolour, silkscreen, printmaking, painting, inking or whatever else you create, we’d love to work with you. It doesn’t matter if you have a degree in art, if you’ve been making art for decades or just a few weeks. The important thing is that you enjoy it. Cool, huh? And some of you will be able to put together your own puzzles before Christmas 🙂

The theme of year of 2024 is: Architecture – Modern 20th century

The theme of the open call is modern architecture 20. century in Slovakia and the Czech Republic – motifs of iconic architectural buildings and urban projects in the time period 1920 – 1990. Thus, it is about different streams of modern architecture from functionalism, the period of interwar, war and post-war architecture or postmodernism.

Many of those buildings that still exist are already protected by monuments, but the period of modernism and the special period after the Second World War, characterised by the dictatorship of the communist regime, is considered by the general and professional public to be of poor quality and worthless. This is also the reason for frequent demolitions or insensitive reconstructions, which devastate or completely negate the architecture and thus significantly devalue it. For this reason, we are also very interested in the topic and would like to see it elaborated on Pucla.

Examples of such buildings in Slovakia are the Crematorium in Bratislava, the Machnáč Spa House in Trenčianske Teplice, the SNP Memorial in Banská Bystrica or the Orthodox Synagogue in Košice. You can also help you choose via

The selection of the winner is made by a jury consisting of Barbora Holíčková, founder of the design brand Pucle, Luke Tomski from the illustrator duo Tomski&Polanski, Lucia Mlynčeková, expert on architecture 20. century, Eva Slunečková, editor-in-chief of Elle Decoration and Karolína Vránková, editor-in-chief of Earch.

You can participate in OPEN CALL with 3 themes.


Format: 47 x 33 + 0,5 cm on each side for the bleed (thus the transmitted size is 48 x 34).

We leave the colour scheme up to you, but our recommendation is:

  • large clean white or coloured areas are not good for puzzles,
  • gradient or grain size works
  • if you use lines, they must be in different thicknesses.

Here are our conditions:

  • OPEN CALL lasts until 10. 04. 2024.
  • In addition to the Pucle team, an expert jury will be involved in selecting the winner.
  • The illustration/graphic can be in digital form as well as handmade (in which case just send us a photo of it, it would then be professionally scanned upon selection).
  • In OPEN CALL you can include finished items from your portfolio as well as new ones that you make to order.
  • In the OPEN CALL you can also include a sketch, which will be subsequently refined by you if the work is selected.
  • Feel free to watermark your work to make sure we don’t misuse it.

Why join OPEN CALL?

  • The winning works will be financially rewarded with 300 EUR / 7000 CZK and we will have around 200 KS Puzzle made from your motif. Should the motif be popular, we will reprint the work.
  • You will receive a Pucle with your motif as a reward.
  • Your work will be included in the Pucle portfolio.
  • We will present you and your work at various events, conferences and sales markets.

In 2023, the winners of Open Call were Slovak-Hungarian illustrator Bianka Török with DinoVia and talented emerging painter and illustrator Martin Majerčák with Spirit of the City. Both works are among the most popular in the company’s portfolio today.

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