DomovPucle priorities or 9 things you should know about our company
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Pucle priorities or 9 things you should know about our company

Every company has a certain internal code and priorities 🙂 In case you want to know about ours, keep reading! Here are 9 facts about our core values.


  1. We work hard and we love it

Sometimes we feel like we work non-stop – but it’s totally worth it! Pucle job is our dream come true and we are thrilled to work our buns off in order to push it forward. All the work is primarily done by the two of us and we admit that we never slob around 🙂 But no worries, we always find a minute to have a glass of wine or our favorite sushi when there is something to celebrate.

  1. We are creative souls

We believe that art and creativity enrich our lives, open minds and make the world a better place. Art and Pucle hold hands from the very beginning and we are so happy to support young talents, admire their creativity and bring it all the way to your homes in puzzle form. Do you know some amazing artists that we should know about? Please let us know, we are always on a hunt!

  1. Active and healthy brains are our priority

Jigsaw puzzle assembling has many benefits for our brain – it trains both hemispheres and creates loads of dopamine. This part of Pucle is incredibly important for us. These days it’s truly crucial to have an open minded, critical thinking – and healthy, exercised and relaxed brain creates a great base for that!

  1. We care about our planet

We are trying our very best to be as green as possible. We use recycled or natural materials and prefer local suppliers. We look for a creative use of all the waste created in production and also look for other companies‘ waste that is useful for us – for example bubble wrap for parcels. We don’t waste resources – neither financial nor natural – and we are ordering only stuff that we really need to function.


  1. We really love you guys

You, our customers, are on the top of the list for us! We really love you and we are incredibly grateful for your support. Without you, Pucle would only be an unfulfilled dream and not this colorful joy that it became. Thank you for every single purchase and for every single nice word sent our way. Your happiness is our priority and we are trying our best to solve all of your questions and requests. We are here for you in case you want to give us any kind of feedback, in case you have lost a puzzle piece or just in any case really If you already have your Pucle and you enjoyed it, we will be so grateful if you give us an honest review.


  1. We sell products we believe in

We believe that creative industry, culture and economy should all be connected. We want to create values with our creativity and with creativity of our artists. We are proud to be part of economical chain, support ourselves, our suppliers and of course the artists. We are able to do this by selling products that we believe in and that have some added value. We are not putting anything into the world just for a quick buck and we are all about high quality, added value and overall sense of our products.


  1. We care about locals

We are from Slovakia and all our supplier are from Slovakia or Czech republic. We are trying to produce locally so we would keep our carbon footprint to minimum. We also want to support local producers and brands that we happily collaborate with!


  1. We like to help

Helping each other is important in our book. Our plans don’t always work out perfectly and that is usually an opportunity to be creative. Last year we made a mistake and produced lower definition graphic. We admitted the mistake and found a way how we can use it for good. We gave away most of the puzzles to families in need and centers for children.


  1. Slow and steady

Pucle is still a tiny company. We are often asked about selling abroad, big collaborations and visions for future. Of course we are working and thinking about all of it. But the most important thing is to first create a stable foundation based on experience. We are moving forward in our own pace – so we can enjoy all the successes and learn from all the mistakes we make along the way.

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„Krásné a originální ilustrace, kvalitní provedení, balení, které není potřeba schovávat a na poličce vynikne.” 😊

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